The scientific committee of the 6th EMCEI invites research papers on all cross-cutting themes of the environmental sciences and engineering, with a main focus on the following conference tracks.

The scientific community is invited to submit proposals for other submission tracks of special sessions by November 15, 2023.

Regular Tracks

The following research areas are typically covered by each EMCEI event:

  • Track 1. Engineering applications for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Nicolas Roche, France
  • Track 2. Process control, simulations and intensification for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Sudip Chakraborty, Italy
  • Track 3. Ecotoxicology, environmental safety and bioremediation
    Chief Editor: Eric D. van Hullebusch, France
  • Track 4. Biotechnology for environmental management
    Chief Editor: Philippe Michaud, France
  • Track 5. Climate-change-related effects on the environment and ecological systems
    Chief Editor: Elena Xoplaki, Germany
  • Track 6. Natural resources, agriculture and the environment
    Chief Editor: Jesús Rodrigo Comino, Spain
  • Track 7. Smart technologies for environmentally friendly energy production
    Chief Editor: Jaya Narayan Sahu, Germany
  • Track 8. Remote sensing and GIS for environmental monitoring and management
    Chief Editor: Anthony Lehmann, Switzerland
  • Track 9. Environmental impacts of natural hazards and environmental risk assessment
    Chief Editor: Settimio Ferlisi, Italy
  • Track 10. Sustainable management of marine and coastal environments
    Chief Editor: João Miguel Dias, Portugal
  • Track 11. Sustainable management of the urban environment, the indoor and built environment
    Chief Editor: Sami Rtimi, Switzerland
  • Track 12. Ecosystems and biodiversity conservation
    Chief Editor: Giulia Guerriero, Italy
  • Track 13. Environmental-change-related impacts on human, animal, and ecosystem health
    Chief Editor: Georgios Nikolopoulos, Cyprus

Special Tracks

In addition to the usual standard study areas mentioned above, each EMCEI focuses on a number of particular concerns that are of considerable interest to the EMCEI community. This 6th EMCEI will focus on these particular subjects:

  • Track 14. Special session on the 8 September 2023 earthquake of Morocco
    Chief Editor: Hassan Ibouh, Morocco and Mustapha Meghraoui, France
  • Track 15. Special session on sustainable mining and circular economy
    Chief Editor: Mostafa Benzaazoua, Morocco
  • Track 16. Special session on mine rehabilitation and reclamation
    Chief Editor: Rachid Hakkou, Morocco
  • Track 17. Special session on the latest advances in geology and geophysics to address environmental challenges
    Chief Editor: Azzouz Kchikach, Morocco
  • Track 18. Salinity in arid ecosystems
    Chief Editors: Mohamed Naimi, Morocco and Lisa Bossenbroek, Germany

Other Tracks

Participants may use this track to present and discuss any research findings related to the environment that are not covered by the conference tracks mentioned above:

  • Track 19. Other related topics
    Chief Editor: Mohamed Ksibi, Tunisia